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Mahindra Rise Special Grant

Mahindra Rise Special Grant


Enactus India is pleased to announce  “Enactus Mahindra Rise Special Competition 2017 – 2018″

  Last date to apply to participate for the Enactus Mahindra Rise Competition is Sunday, June 4th, before 06.00 pm IST.

Scope of Competition:

30 teams will be selected to  receive the Enactus Mahindra Rise Grant Award of Rupees 50,000/- each Selected 30 teams will be selected based on their current ideas or continued projects that have impacted communities in Education, Health, Environment, Skill Development, Agricultural Productivity or Rural Development.  Award Details:Based on the online submission of the Project Report :

  • 30 Teams will be selected to receive a Rupees 50,000/- Grant which will be paid in two instalments at the beginning month and end month of the Annual College year.
  • 6 Teams will stand to win the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place, winning an additional Rs.2,00,000/-, Rs.1,50,000/-, Rs.1,00,000/-, Rs.75,000/-, Rs.50,000/- & Rs.25,000/- respectively
  • Top 10 Faculty Advisors will be also be selected and rewarded

To apply for Mahindra Rise Special Competition, kindly fill the form on the link below based on the Evaluation Criteria mentioned below the link

Mahindra Rise Special Grant Application Form

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Please mention achieved quantitative and qualitative project results
  • Please mention the project expected outcome and the impact created till date.

Eligibility Criteria for the participating Enactus India student teams:

  • Only Enactus India teams can apply
  • Teams will need to work towards creating impact in one or more of the following areas:


  • Increasing the grade specific knowledge of school students
  • Promote quality education
  • Improve infrastructure of schools
  • Reduce School drop-out rate
  • Health
  • Improvement in the health status of the targeted area / beneficiary
  • Improvement in health infrastructure of the targeted area
  • Improved awareness in health & hygiene


  • Reduction in Carbon Footprint / increased in carbon sink
  • Improvement in Green Cover of targeted area
  • Rural electrification through alternate measures, like Solar, Wind, etc
  • Promotion of LED / energy efficiency lighting / electrical equipment usage
  • Reduction in the use of natural resources
  • Ensuring measures for environment protection

Skill Development

  • Employability enhancement
  • Increase in skill development
  • Entrepreneurship through community based organisation, like Self Help Groups

Agricultural Productivity

  • Improvement in Package of Practices
  • Soil & water conservation initiatives
  • Increase in farm productivity
  • Livestock improvement
  • Usage of Farm Technology


Rural Development

  • Overall improvement in rural accessibility
  • Overall improvement in rural infrastructure
  • Rural Youth Development
  • Rural Sport Development


Project Beneficiaries should belong to the same country; cross country projects will not be eligible

Further details about report submissions for the selection of winners will be shared with the selected teams.